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Jackie D.

Jacqueline D  recommends The Nervous Tick.

Very impressed with the efficacy of this all natural tick repellent. In addition to protecting from ticks, we have found it also works great on keeping gnats and mosquitoes far away. “The Nervous Tick” smells wonderful and lasts 6-8 hours!
We have two children and they are always outside. I don’t know how we ever lived without it. We use it everyday!


Meg Forno reviewed The Nervous Tick5 star

Tested for one week with adults and kids playing in the yard/woods (and we normally find ticks afterwards) and the one person who didn't spray found a tick! I guarantee she'll spray next time! Great product, smells wonderful and we're tick free!


Meredith from The Nervous Tick just hand-delivered a bag of beautifully wrapped tick repellent sprays made with essential oils. She went out of her way to research suppliers and ordered all new oils completely free of seeds and nuts for my son's allergies ❤. I am so impressed, and they smell so good! Check out her page! Her husband works in wooded areas daily and never has ticks 🤩. What a great local business and caring owner and mom ❤

I have been very happy with every thing about this company! She is very kind, professional and prompt on shipping. The product is excellent and works great! I will refer everyone I know to The Nervous Tick!!! �


I bought this for myself, my daughter in law and grandbaby. I have been using it also on my 8 lb chiweenie who has sensitivity and allergic reactions to many products. Fabulous product and a great aroma! Thank you for creating such a great product! I am very happy I found this!

Debbie P.  recommends The Nervous Tick.

I got a call from my son’s school nurse to say he had a huge tick embedded in his head. He had to go to MD to get removed. Thank goodness he was fine but clearly the tick had been there for a few days an I had no idea!
We were planning on going camping that following weekend and I was terrified that this would happen again. I purchased the Nervous Tick because I just didn’t want to spray my kids down with a bunch of unknown chemicals and my daughter has asthma and eczema so is very sensitive to scents and sprays.
I am happy to say both my children were tick free after a weekend of camping in a heavily wooded area thanks to The Nervous Tick!
I love the spray bottle feature. The scent is lovely and again, NO TICKS! I purchased the family package which I felt was very reasonably priced for what you get. I absolutely love this product and will recommend to all my friends. I will be a regular customer. Thank you Nervous Tick....what a wonderful product!!

 Mariah R reviewed The Nervous Tick5 star 

I was very hesitant at first thinking that natural oils would work. My daughter is 4.5, and has already had 3 ticks attached to her body this spring alone (all in one week) and my friend recommended the Nervous Yick so I bought some. We have used it for 5 days now and my daughter has played outside all five days in heavily wooded areas with no ticks!! Thank god! Love this stuff. I’m now a forever customer

 Donna Marie  recommends The Nervous Tick.

My husband LOVES this stuff. Living in the country and on farm land we are always outside, especially my husband. He sprays it on himself every time he goes outside....no ticks. I didnt know it was safe for dogs until now, so guess what? the dogs will be getting sprayed too now.


I was lucky enough to receive a free sample of this. I have got to say that it’s nothing short of amazing!! Spent a full day pruning overgrown trees and not one single tick! It smells great and I highly recommend this. :)


Marissa Samperi reviewed The Nervous Tick5 star


So far not one tick! Removed brush all day yesterday in woods and husband and I found zero ticks! .... not to add I love the smell!!! Sprayed kids down too.....no issues and no ticks. This momma is happy! ....thank you!!!.


Love the smell! Not overpowering like some of the other natural repellents. Great spray bottle, makes a nice fine mist and it’s great that it locks.

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